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Mar 11, 2020

Yi Ping Lai grew up in China and explains the connection between the over-population of homeless dogs and the dog meat trade. She tells her heartwarming story of how she grew up viewing dogs as a threat in China, and how she overcame her fear when she moved to America.

Today, Yi Ping is vegan and the founder of World of Angels Foundation; the US-based non-profit dedicated to alleviating the suffering of homeless companion animals in China by funding existing partner sanctuaries, establishing new sanctuaries, and ending the cruelty of the meat trade in China. Now, with the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, approximately 50,000 companion animals have been stranded in homes with no food or water due to travel restrictions and quarantine of their "owners". Yi is working hard to provide food and water for these animals, or place them in forever homes before it's too late.


Mark Ching (Animal Hope and Wellness): 

After the quarantine is lifted, Yi Ping and her team will go to China to rescue as many dogs as they can, to place them into sanctuaries and safe homes. To do this, they need to raise at least another $5000. To donate to the organization and help these dogs receive homes, visit: