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Your dose of all things vegan! From activism to food and non-profits to fitness! Vegan Danielle discusses everything from the benefits to the frustrations of going vegan. Podcasts guests include vegan businesses, activists and professionals sharing personal stories, researched studies, and tips & tricks for living the best vegan life!

Nov 18, 2019

Bobby Sud is the organizer for the LA Save Movement. He's also the official Vigil Photographer at Farmer John Slaughterhouse in Vernon, CA. He's worked with Shaun Monson as a cinematographer and produced and directed "The Road Less Eaten" in Israel and Ireland. He's also the director and cinematographer for the Million Dollar Vegan campaign.

In this episode, Bobby shares his personal experience along with some helpful information for those going to a vigil for their first time. If you're interested in attending a vigil, please visit the Save Movement for full information on scheduling and locations.

Note: This was recorded before I attended a vigil at Farmer John Slaughterhouse in Vernon. I have sense gone, and actually made a commitment to LA Animal Save to continue going on a regular basis to document the event.


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